Manual Osteopathy

Raymond Gonzalez

B.Sc. , DOMP (Manual Osteopath), Performance/Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Precision Nutrition Coach, Alkaline Wellness Coach

Raymond is a Manual Osteopath with an extensive background in biomechanics, strength and conditioning and Nutrition. Raymond received a degree in exercise science from the United States where he also played Semi-Professional baseball. Over the last 8 years Raymond has spent time with top specialists in the fields of manual therapy and human performance and has a unique holistic based approach to treating chronic pain and movement dysfunction.

Raymond is excited to be working in Bradford with VIDA and looks forward to helping others discover the best version of themselves.



What is Osteopathy?

The principle that everything in the body is connected Physiologically, Neurologically and Structurally.

Osteopathy helps restore normal function and a state of normal well-being.

Types of Treatment Techniques:

Soft tissue Therapy

Joint Mobilization

Cranial-Sacral Osteopathy

Visceral Manipulation


Common Ailments That Osteopathy helps with:

Back pain 


Pre and post surgical


Any musculoskeletal injury

*And so much more*